Strange, serious and sundry success

Strange and serious went hand-in-hand on the day I met fellow writer Jo Horsman in Brighton for coffee. The serious bit was the wide-ranging discussion about all things writerly, and the strange was the passer-by who was taking his corn snake for a walk through the middle of town … and stranger still the affinity between Jo and said snake, who got on like a pair of kindred spirits separated at birth! Jo’s organised an excellent new initiative – a performance event for flash fiction writers in Brighton and the surrounding area – the first night is 14th October, I shall be going along to listen a cheer and if you want to find out more, email Jo at or if you want to make a submission do so to the same address, with a story of 1000 words or fewer in the body of an e-mail.

Sundry successes arrived in the post today. I knew the Crimewave was on its way, because Daniel Kaysen told me so. It’s the second time Daniel and I have keptcompany together (the previous time was the University of Hertfordshire Writing Award which we were both shortlisted for but didn’t – either of us – win) and it’s always a pleasure to share pages with him.

The other success is Carmel Lockyer’s – she/I has/have a story Ultimate Burlesque, a charity anthology which is part of Burlesque Against Breast Cancer, where I share pages with another writer known to me, Donna George Storey! So I’m looking forward to this evening’s reading, when I can start with Daniel and Donna’s stories and then work my way through the rest of the two publications at my leisure.

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  1. Jo Horsman
    23rd September 2008

    thank you, Kay! I’m looking forward to having a glass of intelligent red with you on the night….x


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