Prizes for Titles and angst The Diagram prize is The Bookseller magazine’s award for oddly named publications, and Greek Rural Postmen and their Cancellation Numbers has won the Diagram of Diagrams, for the weirdest title in the past three decades. Perhaps unsurprisingly it’s published by the Greek Hellenic Philatelic Society of Great Britain. The ninety-one […]

Making money from fiction – erotica I’m pulling together the final elements for the five-week course starting on 28 February. It prompted me to go and have a look a the contribution that erotica made to my income last year, but I’m going to keep you hanging (possibly in a dungeon, with guttering candles, a […]

Writing About Sex (taught by me!) Be it a work of erotic literature, or a scene in a murder mystery, writing about sex can be fraught with fear and inhibitions. Kay Sexton presents an intensive five session evening course on how to master the genres – from the simply sensual to the downright dirty! Kay […]

Sex – or not – as the case may be I’ve had that sniffy conversation again. The one where a ‘real’ writer turns to me and says, ‘Don’t you feel demeaned, writing erotica?’ Well no, actually. Let’s see: 1 – It’s fun2 – It’s lucrative3 – I get to meet some wonderful people who take […]