A digression on digressions …

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As far as I can tell, the only people reading this blog are other writers, which is okay, I’m reasonably fond of my own kind. But on the other hand, I’m not entirely sure how much writers care about reviews of the books of other writers. I have a pretty clear idea how they feel […]

#26 Between the Assassinations by Aravind Adiga

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  In Kittur, a fictional small town very much like many South Indian coastal towns, the usual hive of Indian life takes place. Aravind Adiga takes the reader on a dual tour – of the town itself in sententious guidebook excerpts which are supposed to introduce us to the highlights of the place but actually […]

Blogging or not blogging

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Well – I can’t help feeling this may be where I’m at:

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Radio Adventures This is what a radio studio looks like. If you are likely to be on t’radio, it’s a good idea to take a bottle of water so you can moisten your throat, to have a few key words written down so you can remember them (like the names of the people you are […]

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The rarely wordless one becomes muteI am struggling to know what to say on this blog at present. My book ‘Minding My Peas and Cucumbers’ is due out on 7 March, but people have already been in touch to tell me they have received copies ordered from the Book Depository. There is nothing more guaranteed […]

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Janathon Day 11 – the keeping company day Stats at the bottom for the lovely Janathon checkers. Today I ran with @janathon_ – a shortish loop from Jew Street (where we left our non-running kid with the excellent folks from New Writing South: you know you belong to a really good membership organisation when they […]

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What I really wanted for Christmas And have been wanting for years, is something like an atlas of physiognomy. I want to be able to judge, definitively, whether the character I have in my mind’s eye really has hooded eyes, or not. What, exactly, is a Roman nose or a Grecian brow and if I […]

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Missing In Action That’s what I am, and I apologise to you for it. But by next week I hope to be back with: 1. A book review2. Commentary on a day in the life of a writer3. A short rant about writers who won’t start and writers who won’t stop. Until then, I beg […]

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Another reason writers should challenge themselves (aka, you may not be as rubbishy as you think) I am having a drought year. By this time last year I’d won a competition and been shortlisted for three more. And I’d been commissioned to write a story broadcast on national radio. This year. Nothing. Nada, zip and […]

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My absence has been noted And I apologise to people who emailed me and asked if I was dead (no, but thanks for your generous enquiries anyway) or had writer’s block. Do I detect a touch of schadenfreude in those questions? Anyway, it’s not exactly writer’s block either. It’s workshop season. For some reason my […]