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In Dublin’s Fair City … which is where I was on Sunday and Monday. And it was a truly enlightening experience. Not because it was new – I’ve been to Dublin half a dozen times in my life, sometimes work, sometimes pleasure, usually a mixture of the two – but because I was travelling with […]

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How far do you go … For research purposes? I ask because in discussion with a fellow editor recently, she was horrified to discover I’d chewed paan (betel nut wrapped in a betel leaf with other aromatics – somewhat confusingly, betel nut and betel leaf come from two completely different plants) when I was in […]

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How far would you go? I’ve never thought of myself as an adventurous person and the idea of living in a tent, eating unknown animal parts and travelling huge distances off the map are all terrifying to me, which is why being accused of being ‘research rabid’ has come as a bit of a surprise. […]