Review: Jai Clare – The Cusp of Something Jai Clare’s collection, The Cusp of Something, is a rich work, and challenging. There’s a trend at present to only publish short story collections that have a thematic (ie Jhumpa Lahiri) or chronological link. Elastic Press has bucked this trend for several years, and this is the […]

The downside of marketing yourself Just to prove that I’m being honest about the experience of ‘marketing’, the past week has actually slapped me with a whole messy handful of dilemmas that arise for many writers once they start being ‘known’. 1 – a writer I’ve never met, whose work I’ve never read, asked me […]

Short fiction reviewed Today I’m talking to Tania Hershman, who has launched a new project which is very interesting to those who write short stories. Her background and the way she got to this point is fascinating too, and this is what she told me … You used to be a journalist – how did […]