Writing workshops, words and weariness I have a cold. A really stinking, streaming, vile and intractable cold. So if you were expecting to hear from me, and haven’t, this is why. But even if I’m not up to much, the world moves on. Todd has produced the first pictures for our graphic novel pitch, and […]

Growing as a writer (and as a person) I am doing something this weekend that absolutely terrifies me. Sketchcrawl is worldwide activity but in Brighton, at the Jubilee Library, at midday on Saturday 21st November, it will be happening to me! I am a terrible sketcher (getting better, but very slowly) and my urban sketches […]

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Sooo… the things I wanted to talk about: Jim Murdoch’s new novel, Stranger than Fiction. I really enjoyed this, and Jim’s profoundly idiosyncratic view of the world is always fascinating. I tried to come up with one of those pithy one-liners that you are supposed to use to encapsulate a project for the movie industry […]

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Missing In Action That’s what I am, and I apologise to you for it. But by next week I hope to be back with: 1. A book review2. Commentary on a day in the life of a writer3. A short rant about writers who won’t start and writers who won’t stop. Until then, I beg […]