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Challenges for writers I have signed up for Janathon. It’s a challenge that runs through the month of January (hence Jan) and is based on running (as in (mar)athon) therefore Janathon. Those who undertake the challenge will try to run, or take some other form of exercise, every day for a month, and blog about […]

Where to begin? There was a time when I had things to blog about all the time – now, just when I know that I should be building my ‘platform’ (which my mind insists on translating to ‘scaffold’) I have almost nothing of interest to say. The thing is, I no longer ruminate on the […]

Googlism Somebody has been in touch with me (hi Matt!) because he found me through Googling – not so surprising, perhaps but what he Googled was having his window hit by a snipe and that led him to me. His snipe (in Birmingham) also flew off fairly soon after the shocking impact with plate glass. […]