Where to begin?

There was a time when I had things to blog about all the time – now, just when I know that I should be building my ‘platform’ (which my mind insists on translating to ‘scaffold’) I have almost nothing of interest to say.

The thing is, I no longer ruminate on the practice of writing because I’m worryingly busy doing it, which makes for a boring to non-existent blog.

This week I have:

• Found 67 words suitable for use as positive synonyms when describing cruise ships. I found about 40 others that weren’t so positive and therefore had to be ignored.
• Received my copy-edits. Looked at my copy-edits. Panicked very slightly.
• Been shortlisted for something
• Been not even long-listed for something else (I got those two completely the wrong way round: which pleases me greatly as the one I expected to place in was a kudos only contest while the one I didn’t expect to place in has some cash for the top three as well as kudos for all.)
• Had an odd inspiration that took me from writing about things marine, as in my last blog about the Shaun Levin workshop, to crocheting a sea anemone muff which has been extremely pleasant to use in the recent cold weather
• Filled about 50 seed packets with seeds to give away to promote ‘the book’.
• Remembered that I am allergic to lupins only after packing up a dozen packets of lupin seed and therefore managing to give myself the equivalent of a collagen implant lip at zero cost.

It’s not exactly high–performance is it? Maybe after Christmas I shall get some coruscating literary insights to share … in the meantime I hope you’re all keeping your hands warm.

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  1. Jim Murdoch
    16th December 2010

    I can’t look at a lupin without thinking Monty Python:

    Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore
    Galloping through the sward
    Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore
    And his horse Concorde
    He steals from the rich
    And gives to the poor
    Mr. Moore, Mr. Moore, Mr. Moore.
    Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore
    Riding through the night
    Soon every lupin in the land
    Will be in his mighty hand
    He steals them from the rich
    And gives them to the poor
    Mr. Moore, Lupin donor, Extraordinary.


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