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Finding time to write 5 – Take breaks – You need to take breaks for maximum productivity. Research shows that the average person can only listen for forty-five to fifty minutes before his attention begins to flag. For creative work, the period of time you can really produce your best is even shorter. Work for […]

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Solicitations There’s nothing nicer than being contacted by an editor who’s read your work elsewhere and wonders if you have something they can publish. This happened to me a few months ago, and I’m very pleased to have received my copy of Zocalo, the Art and Literary Quarterly of Oaxaca. I love Mexico and being […]

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Making time to write Many of my students have to cram their writing time into tiny spaces in the day. Over the past couple of years we’ve brainstormed many ideas to see how they can find more time to write – over the next couple of days I’ll share them with you. Here’s the first […]

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A thing of beauty, … and a joy forever. The latest issue of Night Train (VI) arrived late last week and I’ve been revisiting the stories we selected and gloating over the cover. I joined NT as an Associate Editor (AE) part way through this issue, so some stories were new to me and others […]

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Taking my name (in vain) A little rant today – aimed at one person, who knows who she is! Lady, when you wrote to an editor saying I’d suggested you send in your story, did you really think he wouldn’t get back to me? Especially as your story (yes, I’ve read it now, although I […]

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I love it when a plan comes together … Especially when I have almost nothing to do with it Some months ago I travelled to Kendal to lead a workshop on Writing Fiction to Get Published – it was a great morning, organised by Kate and Linda whom I’ve mentioned before, and a really enthusiastic […]

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Absent Yesterday was a day without computer. So double duty today! First a round up of fun and good things elsewhere in the blogosphere … Jim Ruland set a jolly little contest and garnered some thought provoking replies – visit Click for Jim’s comp and add your own comments Bunny Goodjohn had some good advice […]

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Green Thought in an Urban Shade Launched last night in London. I wasn’t there, sadly. Well, I’m not sure if it was sadly or not – given that I have too full a plate of things to deal with right now – but I hope it went really well and that those who did attend […]

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Good Days and Bad Days A large part of any writer’s life is sending out work and waiting. Sending and waiting. Sending … and waiting. This week has been an exceptional one. It’s only Tuesday and already I have had two rejections and (wait for it!) four acceptances. Four! That’s never happened before. Ruthie’s Club […]

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Mmmm hmmm – or, The Joys of Recording Standing in front of a microphone recording your own work is a weird but increasingly common experience. The developments of podcasting, MP3 players, and other downloadable audio systems mean that writers are spending more time rounding their vowels and sounding their consonants than ever before. I’m sure […]