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While the wheels spin … I’m reading. One of the things they never tell you about becoming a writer, is that you’re going to have to deal with the books and stories of other writers. By which I mean, people you know, and like, will get stuff published – and you are going to have […]

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I was ‘talking’ to McKenna the other day – or whatever verb we are supposed to use when we email back and forth with somebody we’ve never met, but feel we know extremely well – and she suggested I needed to talk about how people need to have different kinds of work; some of which […]

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Be careful what you pay for … I’m in the middle of a sad and complicated email conversation with a writer who has recently had a rotten experience. He’s been badly burned, and feels both embarrassed and angry, so he asked me if I would blog about his experience to help others avoid the same […]

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What it’s like when your manuscript is ‘with’ an agent … It won’t get there. It will arrive all torn up with pages missing. I left a line out of the address. I addressed it to the wrong person. The counter person got the postage wrong and it will take three months to arrive. I […]