Meeting publishers: my experience So … in the many years I’ve imagined the first meeting with ‘my’ publishers, it never included cranberry biscuits, hilarity, discussion of dalliances in Berlin garden colonies, joining the Nigel Slater mutual appreciation society and a complete failure on my part to take any notes or be even a bit literary. […]

What I am not doing is procrastinating Okay, I am. A bit. Although it’s less procrastination than fear that I may have entered a form of mad neurotic writing overdrive that will lead to a Back To The Future improbability that could cause the end of the world. I am writing about 2,000 words a […]

Malcolm’s mother’s Pyrex dish This isn’t what I was going to write about today. I was planning to pontificate about the structuring of non-fiction and how issues that you had no idea even existed can leap up and bite you hard enough to draw blood, like the contents list. Today I was/am supposed to be […]