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Wishing I was eighteen again Not because of the ‘rejection’ of not making the Sunday Times shortlist. Not even to relive my misspent youth, become a notorious tart and then write a book about it (see review of Belle de Jour later this week), but because I had lunch with Louise Halvardsson earlier in the […]

Bread and books Somebody emailed to ask if I’ve stopped making bread. Not so! The thing is, I make bread two or three times a week and one loaf looks very much like another (very much like Enid Blyton’s Famous Five novels, according to my disapproving mother when I was a girl, although I remember […]

“We interrupt this broadcast … to promote ourselves to you.” So I’ve put together a course that explains how to boost your income in troubled financial times, including ten sure-fire ways to make money from your writing skills in the short term. It also aims to help you prepare for economic recovery including such subjects […]