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Wishing I was eighteen again

Not because of the ‘rejection’ of not making the Sunday Times shortlist. Not even to relive my misspent youth, become a notorious tart and then write a book about it (see review of Belle de Jour later this week), but because I had lunch with Louise Halvardsson earlier in the week.

Lou’s one of the writers who really makes me step back and look at writing as a career, as a life-style choice, and as a challenge – whenever I sit down with her I come away with a new clarity about my own desire to write and the roots of the compulsion to produce fiction.

And on 15th March she’s leading a Creative Writing Workshop for Young Adults at Hove Library. You have to be 13-19 years old but you don’t need to have any particular writing skills or experience. Also, the workshop is absolutely free, but you do need to book a place in advance by ringing 01273 293312 or emailing

The workshop is part of Brighton & Hove’s Aqua Festival which celebrates the hosting of the London 2012 Games and inspires people to join in and try something new. And I wish I could take part because I think it will be utterly brilliant …


  1. Lou
    10th March 2010

    and you give me hope for the future! I think it’s important for serious writers to meet up now and again with other serious writers just to confirm that what you do is valuable. It’s a lonely profession in many ways, not just the physcial loneliness of being alone in a room, it’s the whole explaining to other people that you actually work, that writing is not always a pleasure … x

  2. Anonymous
    11th March 2010

    I’m so sorry you didn’t get through to the shortlist. No-one deserves it more. Pea

  3. Anonymous
    16th March 2010

    I was browsing in a second hand bookshop, when I thought I’d found that book you want, on heads. I must be going dyslexic! It was the Encyclopedia of Type Faces. I’ll keep my eyes open for you. Maybe next time.

  4. Anonymous
    22nd March 2010

    Please, next time you have lunch with your friend Louise, could you ask, suggest, beg or otherwise persuade her to run another workshop for adult writers? Then, assuming she’s willing, could you let us know through your blog? If you think she’s good, I’m sure we’d all benefit. L


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