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Distractions from being a writer … … are numerous. Few though, are as enticing as this vixen and her four cubs. They live on an allotment site near us and are remarkably unfazed about visitors, although they have a definite flight distance and are only around in the early evening, which can make getting good […]

Life does not get much better than … Today the sun shone. I had coffee with an agent (not my agent, not even remotely ever going to become my agent, because she deals with different territory, but a clever, witty woman who makes me laugh and makes me think), and picked up a little bit […]

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I’m on the Rosneath Peninsula, enjoying a wonderful week’s residency at Cove Park. The preeminent idea of the week is to work on editing the novel in line with the excellent suggestions I received from an agent a couple of weeks ago, and I am indeed getting that done. But I’m also spending a lot […]