#9 The Dark Valley by Valerio Varesi

#9 The Dark Valley by Valerio Varesi

I’m somewhat a fan of literature set in Italy (as opposed to Italian writers writing about their own country) as in, for example Michael Dibden and Charles Lambert. In fact, my own newly released novel, Gatekeeper, is set partly in Rome, so any book set in the country is likely to interest me. I’m also […]

Wilkie Collins – The Moonstone and The Woman In White

Wilkie Collins – The Moonstone and The Woman In White

Hmmm… I read Dickens, rather than Collins, at A-level, which is interesting because the Dickens that I read was Bleak House and it reintroduced me to a love for Dickens (Q. Do you like Dickens? A. I don’t know, I’ve never been to one. [That’s lowered the tone, but it’s still one of my favourite […]

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Charles Lambert – third time of askingI’ve talked to Charles Lambert, on and off, for about five years now. I’ve read his work, published and unpublished and followed his progress. I enjoyed his first novel, loved his short story collection and felt that terrible pang that all writers feel when asked to read another book […]

February is another month and I’m not committed to running every day! Oddly enough, the one thing I really want to do every day when I should be writing, is run, when a few weeks ago the one thing I wanted to be doing was everything except running. Still, I did run today – 4 […]

‘Platform’ and how to think about it We’re told that all writers need a platform. This is not the creaky stage on which the Women’s Institute sings Jerusalem, but the underpinning material of a marketing strategy. The very word makes most writers cringe like slugs threatened with salt because it sounds so very ugly to […]

Promoting the literary life for all Nik Perring tagged me with this and although I don’t usually do these, I’m sort of interested in the question here – from a different angle, I’m always wondering why people do the various literary things they do, and this is another way of exploring that question. So I […]

Writers wot I know Well actually, writers wot I don’t know. I’ve never met Charles Lambert, but over the past couple of years I feel as if I’ve got to understand him a little, and share in his publishing journey, and it’s been a real pleasure to do both. His journey has taken a whirlwind, […]

Charles Lambert with Little Monsters I have a particular yen for reading books about one place when I’m in another, very different one. I read The God of Small Things in Rekjavik, and The Bear Comes Home in Kerala (I refused to read Roy’s book while I was in her home state and it was […]

Tag, tag, tag … First, and most interestingly, the excellent Sandra Scoppettone tagged me with this exercise, which is to promote books of recent publication that might be sliding from the public eye. It was the brainchild of Patti Abbot and I think it’s a great idea. My choice is a novel by Jill Dawson, […]

I am reconnected to the world via the umbilical cord provided by Demon, which seems to feed my entire being, not just my (many) computers with internet access. Bless you, Demon, and yah boo sucks to Orange who should sit in a corner and reflect on their appalling customer service. And … –The edits (revisions, […]