NaNoWriMo approaches … Sadly I won’t be doing National Novel Writing Month this year, I’ve just got too much on. But I did complete it for four years and was Brighton (and Hove actually) coordinator for three of them. If you want to write a novel but aren’t sure if you can, especially if you’ve […]

Veneration or idolatry? Books. I’ve said before that I love them, and I’m suspicious of writers who don’t read a lot (a lot for them, for some people that’s twelve books a year, for others three hundred) but I don’t get book idolatry. For me it’s the content, not the object, that matters. Most of […]

Endings and beginnings … Tomorrow will be a bittersweet day for me. I shall be handing over the reins (or even reigns) of Brighton (and Hove actually) National Novel Writing Month to my excellent successors, Fiona Wallace and Alex Allsworth. After three years I thought it was time to step aside and let somebody else […]