Interdisciplinarity (or doing what you want and getting away with it)You are probably getting the idea by now that I didn’t expect to launch myself on the world in book-length prose, by writing about allotments. The fact that I am is a source of constant confusion and amusement to me. I had thought this confused […]

Growing as a writer (and as a person) I am doing something this weekend that absolutely terrifies me. Sketchcrawl is worldwide activity but in Brighton, at the Jubilee Library, at midday on Saturday 21st November, it will be happening to me! I am a terrible sketcher (getting better, but very slowly) and my urban sketches […]

Thinking in nine panels There were a lot of things I wanted to drivel on about this week, but they have all been driven out of my head by graphic novels. Not only have I been reading them, I’ve been thinking about writing them – which is no simple thing, but a compelling idea to […]

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Fannying Around on the Far Side* This is how I think of times like this: fannying around on the Far Side – where nothing is quite real and conversations are utterly surreal and while nothing much happens, the not-happening seems fraught with portent and nasty things with lots of legs hiding in wardrobes and just […]