Absence much lamented (by me!) I’ve just got back from having a hot stone massage – it was truly relaxing (apart from the corrugated mark on my forehead where it was resting on a towel and which looks absurdly like somebody tried to strangle the top of my head with a very thick rope) and […]

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Sorry, sorry (but not that sorry) The thing is, I’m whelmed by something – an idea, or a project or possibly (whisper this) even a novel. And I believe that if you’ve got an inchoate idea you should focus on it, follow it around, play with it, but not talk about it. Never share it […]

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Busy (not) doing nothing I hate people who don’t blog when they should, I really do. So I am abject about not having blogged, but I’ve just been too damned busy. So, I sent off my revisions, we’ll see what happens. Then a lovely (but demanding) client wanted a new blog and then another lovely […]

Why blog? It’s a long time since I started blogging. I’m in awe of those people who remember writing anniversaries and notice their hundredth or five hundredth post or whatever. I don’t. I think I would go insane if I knew how long it took me to write a novel or thought about how many […]