Prizes for Titles and angst

The Diagram prize is The Bookseller magazine’s award for oddly named publications, and Greek Rural Postmen and their Cancellation Numbers has won the Diagram of Diagrams, for the weirdest title in the past three decades. Perhaps unsurprisingly it’s published by the Greek Hellenic Philatelic Society of Great Britain. The ninety-one year old author/collator has spoken on Radio 4 of the fascination the subject of Greek philately has for the specialist – a very gentle and unassuming man, and seemingly totally underwhelmed by the gentle fun poked at his book – I rather liked him. But it does confirm the point I was trying to make about titles, doesn’t it?

Next week I shall be in Inverness-shire, at the Arvon Foundation’s Moniack Mohr. I think I might keep a journal to reveal how at least two of my writing neuroses (living in proximity with others and reading aloud) are tested by the course. At least that way it will look as if I’m really writing when I am simply scribbling about my own fears and failures! So no updates next week, but possible heart-baring misery the week after.


  1. Nik's Blog
    5th September 2008

    Enjoy next week – sounds great (fears and failures aside, not that you should have too many of them!).


  2. Vanessa Gebbie
    5th September 2008

    Ha! I love that one.

    Also “Highlights in the History of Concrete” is a close second.

    Have an excellent time at Arvon. Happy writing.

  3. Jo Horsman
    7th September 2008


    It’ll all be good. Catch up with you upon your return – look forward to hearing all about it.

    Loads of love! x


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