Willesden Herald finale

People keep emailing me, and even calling, to ask if I’m okay. Guys, I appreciate your support, but actually I’m great!

There’s a great line in Cool Runnings (the film that is a ‘sort of’ recreation of the true story of the genesis of the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team) where the team captain asks his coach how you know if you’re good enough to take part in an Olympic final. The coach (John Candy) replies ‘The truth is, if you’re not good enough without a medal, you’ll never be good enough with one’.

And that’s the truth of the writing game too. If you’re not robust enough to cope, lovely writer, then stay out of the fray. And yes, my ego is fully intact, thank you. Possibly even a bit boosted …

Here’s the rest of the week’s news: I’m waiting to hear the studio date for the recording of my short story. I’m also fixing to read through a radio play with another radio producer. As an aside, what is it with radio producers? I know exactly three, and each and every one of them is a funny, wise, warm and lovely human being – I am really glad to be working with two of them in the next few weeks.

And … Ur … Um … believe it or not, I won a short story contest! No, really, I did! But I can’t tell you about it until after 19th February, when the award ceremony is held.


  1. SallyQ
    8th February 2008

    Brilliant, Kay! Well done! It just shows what a rollercoaster this writing lark is. (I will say 10 hail marys for that cliche, I promise ;-))

  2. Anonymous
    8th February 2008

    Excellent Kay, deserved.

    Huge, HUGE prize money?

    Mark Hubbard

  3. Kay Sexton
    9th February 2008

    Sadly no, NO prize money – but something better (in the spiritual and writerly sense of better) which I shall reveal when I can …

  4. TitaniaWrites
    9th February 2008

    Kay, you are an inspiration! A hard-working writer whose hard work certainly pays off. Congrats on the prize, can’t wait to hear more about it.


  5. Liesl
    10th February 2008


    It’s swings and roundabouts, isn’t it?

    Glad to hear there’s recognition for your work. You surely deserve it.


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