October – a writing Indian summer?

Right, final reminder for Fear of the Dark – should be a night to remember! Tickets are £5 or £4 for concessions available on the night or in advance from the Marlborough Theatre, Brighton or fearofthedark.eventbrite.com

Apart from that, I’m suddenly full speed ahead on Year of the Ladybird Plague again, after a pretty long stalled period related to research into the criminal justice system, working on a non-fiction project at Excellent Agent’s suggestion and playing around (again) with something vaguely Young Adult: based in Brighton and focused on love, lacrosse and leg length (no, I made that last clause up, everything after ‘Brighton’ is deliberate misdirection), I am going to pitch that graphic novel before the end of the month (better get my act together then, eh?) and that’s all, I think, apart from feeling bad about not doing NaNoWriMo this year, although Brighton (and Hove actually) is being wonderfully moderated by some truly wonderful moderators. I hope you all have fun with words in November …

Ladybird courtesy of Richard B-S at Flickr

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