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Oh lord and blithering hell – where did the last six weeks go?

I’d love to say that I’d been thrashing out some fabulous new piece of novel length fiction but I haven’t. I have been wading through the setting concrete of the umpteenth rewrite of my novel, but that’s not news, in fact it’s the opposite of news.

Rebus has had a serious operation and is disconsolate but that hardly takes up all day every day (it has been taking up quite a bit of the nights, especially when he howls like a coyote, making me sprint down the stairs and open the door of the room he’s settled in, after which he sprints past me, collar and all, up the stairs and throws himself on my bed like an operatic soprano dying onstage at La Scala. Sometimes, by the time I’ve turned off the lights, cursed the book I stubbed my toe on, and made it back to bed myself, he is snoring gently. I’m not sure if that’s genuine or not but either way, it’s deeply annoying) and we did get second place in the ‘Most Creative Allotment’ competition but we only got it today so I can hardly use that as an excuse.

The truth is … I’ve been busy doing nothing. I shall try to be a better blogger. Thank you for listening.


  1. Jim Murdoch
    9th August 2011

    You lazy, lazy bissum.

    (Sorry about your dog.)

  2. horror stories
    21st August 2011

    I love that picture

  3. Mark Hubbard
    2nd September 2011

    Poor young Rebus. Hope he’s recovered now?


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