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Janathon Day 30 – they think it’s all over

It is now.

Inspired by Misty2k to do more than what I’d planned, which was a short lumber around the block but not wishing to Radcliffe, I remembered that a couple of years ago when I was training for the Bexhill 10k I worked out a PTR that was around 3k long.

PTR is a public toilet run for those who don’t know, and it’s a route that allows the hapless runner to feel relatively confident that they will make it to a convenience in time, if they have tummy issues.

So I PTRd today and it was fine. Didn’t need the PT bit at all.

Stats for lovely Jules for the last time

• Distance – 3.11k
• Time – immaterial
• Radcliffes – zero
• Things learned – if you run for 30 days in a row you end up with abs that would break Ray Winstone’s knuckles; a strict running regime doesn’t necessarily flush a recalcitrant protagonist out of hiding (although I am just starting to get a hint on how to proceed with the rewrite of the novel); challenges are fun; top quality chocolate is essential to active running (I already knew that but it’s worth restating); you meet nicer people out running than almost any other way.

PS – in fact my abs would shatter the knuckles of any action hero of choice, so I’ve given you three plus Spielberg to choose from …

PPS – picture courtesy of TVSquadJulia


  1. lottabottle2
    31st January 2011

    well done 🙂

  2. runorgocrazy
    31st January 2011

    You can never underestimate the importance of good quality chocolate!

  3. Jules
    1st February 2011

    Congratulations on completing, Kay! You have produced some really memorable blogs (my favourite being the ‘abduction’!), and I look forward to following your efforts throughout the rest of the year… Cheers,
    Jules (@2011miles)


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