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Janathon Day 30 – the ouch day

Today I failed to run. Well I managed .3km which hardly counts as a run (let’s not talk about how many 60 m sprints that is or Mark Lewis-Francis will start to feel tired) for a distance runner.

The thing is, I woke up with three kinds of ill this morning: migraine (instantly treatable with wonderful sumitriptan); a cold (so it’s just a blocked nose and a sore throat, that doesn’t stop anybody running) and a stomach bug. Stomach bugs stop you running. Well, they let you run 300 metres and then they stop you and you walk back very slowly and carefully and spend the next hour or so in the smallest room.

I did manage to get to the allotment, where I put in a hearty 20 minutes painting the inside of the shed, and then I had to go home to the smallest room again.

My janathon is about to end ingloriously … and today my end is pretty inglorious too!

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