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Day 28 – the ‘wind like a scythe day’

That’s external wind, not internal, by the way. (Stats at the bottom for the lovely Jules.)

We (Rebus and I) went up to the windmill to run. The ground was frozen, which makes running slightly easier up there, when quite a lot of the year the ground is churned mud, and the wind was the kind of wind that you could just lean on and not fall over, except that if you did lean on it, you’d probably end up with a permafrosted front.

It was so cold and windy that even the dog tried to slip stream – usually he runs 50 metres ahead of me. Several disgruntled crows were hanging around in a huddled fashion that suggested they would be cuddling up to each other if they didn’t have to maintain their street cred.

My piriformis decided that this was the time to introduce a slow hot ache to the proceedings. For a kilometre or so I welcomed this, as the only warmth to be found in the proceedings and then it got too much and I decided to turn round and head back the short way. Such bliss to have the wind behind us!

Distance – 1.4 k
Temperature – Siberian
Crows – chilly
Windmill – spectacular.

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