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Day 24 – the pulling parsnips run

Another 1 k run.

I am starting to feel that my runs are just being squeezed into the corners of my day, which is sad, but it just goes to prove that even if it were physically possible for me to run every day (which it’s not) then logistically it would be impossible. Roll on 31 January.

Anyway, today’s run was followed by parsnip curry. The parsnips, leeks, shallots and coriander seeds came from the allotment, but the red onions and the orange pepper were from the supermarket because we’ve used up all our stored onions and our frozen peppers. I fried previously cooked wholemeal basmati rice with cashews and crushed coriander seeds to give fragrance to the mixture – next year I hope to be able to use home-grown lemongrass to make my own jasmine rice instead.

It was delicious.

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  1. Midgie
    24th January 2011

    Good on you for squeezing in a run … I know it can be hard, yet don’t you feel better for having done it?!?

    Mmmm … the parsnip curry and rice sound delicious! Can I invite myself over for some!!


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