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Paul Campbell – he writes EastEnders!

I’ve only met Paul once, and then exchanged a couple of workshop reviews with him, but that counts as friendship, in the arms-distance world of writing. And, despite my Archers addiction, I don’t watch TV soaps – but when it’s one of your own it’s different.

Paul Campbell wrote tonight’s East Enders. I watched from the opening credits to the closing ones where it said ‘Written by Paul Campbell’ in big white letters. And it was very very good. I could definitely see myself sitting down to watch again tomorrow … and that’s purely down to the merit of the script, as apart from Babs being Babs, I had no idea who any of the characters were, or why I should care about them.

I’m not going to spoil things for omnibus watchers (see how quickly I slip into the jargon?) but believe me, in the world of TV script-writing, Paul is going to be somebody who shines, really shines.

I’m so very chuffed that I don’t quite know where to put myself. Isn’t it great when one of your own does something really spiffing? Answer, yes it is.


  1. Dave King
    31st October 2008

    Yes it is – if only all the soaps’ scriptwriters were as good!!

  2. Kay Sexton
    1st November 2008

    Very true Dave, but they’d have to clone him!

  3. Paul Campbell
    4th November 2008

    Kay, that is really generous. Thank you.

    Sorry not to have come back to you sooner, but I’ve been off on holiday and am just catching up with e-mails etc now.

    Hope you’ve recovered from the reading – sounds terrifying!


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