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Day 21 – the ‘just for the love of it, day’

Stats at the bottom for checkers.

Today was always going to be a horrible crunch, even before I added in a random side trip to complicate things. I knew that fitting in a run would be difficult so it worked out like this:

Drive dog to groomer, do quick shop for essential groceries (that was the side trip), drive home, leave car and run to allotment, work for two hours digging up strawberries from one plot and replanting them on another plot several hundred yards away amongst other things, run home, drive to groomer, pick up dog, drive home, leave clean dog at home, walk back to allotment, work for another hour, get lift home with OH, have shower, put on clean clothing and respectable face, pick up friend in car, drive both of us to The Garden House in Brighton, spend several hours being made to feel delightfully inadequate by the elegant, compact and highly winter-scented garden there, eat cake and drink tea, drive friend home, have cup of tea with her, drive self home, walk dog, cook dinner (using essential groceries to make chocolate and mandarin bread pudding) and collapse …

• 1.98 k
• And just a tiny boast here … my km time on the outward run was 6.07. Not bad eh?

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