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Good news

Elastic Press, one of Britain’s most imaginative small publishers, has picked some winners in the past, as far as I’m concerned. Brian Howell’s collection The Sound of White Ants, and David Swann’s collection The Last Days of Johnny North are both on my bookshelf.

Now they have listed Jai Clare’s The Cusp of Something, a short story collection to be published in November 2007. Jai has one of the most distinctive voices in modern British literature and I’m delighted that her work will be available from such an exciting venue.


  1. TitaniaWrites
    6th December 2006

    Elastic press sounds very interesting. I just had a peek at their website. Since mainstream publishers don’t seem interested in short story collections, these wonderful small publishers are definitely the way to go. Good for them. Thank goodness for them!

  2. Hope
    10th December 2006

    Very good news – Jai deserves to be recognised!


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