I love you, you big tart!

Okay, I’m showing off – but my newly found recipe for redcurrant tarts is a true joy and I do, indeed, love it. It is made from paté sucree, which is not what the English call sugar pastry but involves powdered sugar and an egg yolk, and the currants are baked in the cases with double cream and more eggs, so it’s very sumptuous and decadent and makes me feel like Mrs Beeton ‘taking a dozen eggs’ for just about every recipe.

Yesterday was facilitation day for one of the two Hove Library Writing Groups that will be stand-alone from now on. This is the Comedy of Errors group with playwrights, comedy writers, children’s writers and poets. Lots of people turned up, some of them completely new to me and the group, and we had a very good time indeed. I set them a rather complicated creative writing exercise which I’m not going to describe yet, because next week’s group are going to do it too, but it seemed to work out well.

I shall be going back for an hour in October, to give a ‘masterclass’ on getting published and winning competitions and it will be fascinating to see how the group evolves in the interim.

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  1. Tori
    7th July 2008

    I’m hoping we’ve not just been compared to your big tarts…worrying if we have!
    You’ve been a fab facilitator and I hope we’ll be able to keep up the enthusiasm that you’ve instilled in us. If not I guess you’ll have to add giving us lot a kick in the posterior to the list of things you’ll do in October!


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