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Normal blogging will be resumed …

… when I get my Protestant Work Ethic back. I think I left it in France.

Actually, I’ll be wording it here on Tuesday. And p.s., the picture is so you can spot the writer!


  1. Steve Kane
    27th July 2008

    Nice arse.

  2. Nik's Blog
    28th July 2008

    Looks lovely; proper continental.


  3. Knulp
    29th July 2008

    I was going to leave a remarkably similar comment, assuming you’d moderate it out of existence (using the verb form, obviously). Wrong again… It is, though, still a very nice arse indeed.

  4. Jai
    29th July 2008

    that arse is recognisable a mile away! xx

  5. Kay Sexton
    29th July 2008

    Steve, Jai, Knulp – I don’t moderate unless comments are truly offensive and I take all the compliments I can get – thank ‘ee kindly!

    Nik, I’m going to assume that you alone of commentors are referring to the scenery that ISN’T my posterior, and say, yes it was very continental and relaxing and the coffee van was a pretty well permanent ‘second breakfast’ fixture in my holiday.


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