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Local, lively, LewesNot Morse’s sidekick, but Lewes the East Sussex town, where the editorial offices of The Frogmore Papers can be found. This is one of the local short fiction/poetry publications that gives hope for a literary future in the UK. Beautifully presented, full of thought-provoking work and inspiringly straightforward, this journal is well worth […]

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SmokeLong Quarterly – fiction for smart, impatient people! I love SmokeLong, not just because they publish me, but also because their fiction choices always punch well above their word weight. Since the beginning, Dave Clapper and his team have been publishing the cream of the flash fiction crop: incisive stories with twists and mordant humour, […]

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Why blog?Good question. I could spend several months positing answers and maybe I will. Answer number one: because everybody else is. Not good enough. If everybody else stuck their hand in the mangle, would I? (shades of my grandmother there, and if you don’t know what a mangle is, go and look it up). Answer […]