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A quickie Not much time today, because my good friend Bunny Goodjohn is here from the USA and we’re spending time celebrating the acceptance of her novel (more about that on Monday) and talking, talking, talking about writing – so here’s somebody else’s writing wisdom to keep you going. Why do people always expect authors […]

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Beating Writer’s Block 3: Preparing and Timing Sometimes just preparing a document for writing will trigger the writing urgeSetting the type size, font, double or single space and adding page numbers can get you past the first few minutes of blank page syndrome. Opening your notebook, checking you have the right pens etc does the […]

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Great News! Well, normally I don’t shout until the contract, or the money, or both, are in my hands, but this is too good to stay quiet about. I’ve just had an acceptance notification for ‘The Allicholy Tale of the Dispunged Dark Lady’ – a story that was written as part of the Green Thought […]

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GREAT NEWS! But I’m going to wait until tomorrow to be sure it’s all confirmed before blowing my trumpet. Bear with me until then, please.

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On Friday, I posted about writers and galleys, and on Sunday I got an email from a writer who had gone to some research trouble to track me down. She doesn’t want her name revealed but in her email she said she had a question about something she thinks stalled her writing career for several […]

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The glory of Galleys I can’t think of a greater solitary pleasure than getting galley proofs through the post. It’s the precursor to ‘the book’ or ‘the magazine’ and it validates the writer as a ‘real’ professional. Working through galleys is something I love to do – although it’s nitpicking effort and galleys are often […]

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Writing Ethics – voice and appropriation of voice Voice is what all writers of literary fiction are supposed to strive for: that distinctive, ‘hooky’ element of writing that gives personality to the prose, rather than the protagonist. Appropriation of voice is a politically correct term that says certain people aren’t allowed to write in the […]

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Writer’s Block 2: What if you are at a plot impasse or you can’t come up with the next paragraph? Backtrack to a place where the writing was going well and try to spot where it took a wrong turn. Just rearranging a few sentences sometimes gets you going again. Once you realise the problem, […]

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Not about writer’s block I know I said I was going to write about writer’s block – but that would be soooo boring if I did it day after day! So instead I’m going to ponder. Do people send you books? People send me books, from time to time, and I’m always very grateful. If […]

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BEATING WRITER’S BLOCK 1 – Dealing with panic on sitting down to write Why do we fear the whiteness of a blank page? For many reasons: Because the process of writing is mysterious. Because we’re not sure where the ideas come from: just as an idea springs to life from nowhere, so might it disappear. […]