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Rejection is never nice … But sometimes it’s more fun than you’d imagine. The fine but rather strange guys over at Twisted Publishing sent me a rejection email yesterday and I enjoyed it so much that I asked if I could share it. Kay, Thank you for sending your story our way. Okay, so, this […]

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A novella is difficult to write, hard to get published, but a joy when done well. Here’s a chance for those with a novella sitting on their hard drives to get it into print. The Miami University 2006 Novella Contest The novella form has had a long and distinguished place in American literature, and has […]

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Renewing the Muse I bang on a lot about the harsh practicalities of the writing business, but sometimes you have to let yourself sink into the current of life and allow the world to flow through you. Ray Bradbury says it best: We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how […]

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If you want to be a writer … Learn to deal with criticism (of both the literary and the other kind) Literary criticism can hurt. When responding to a review of your work, begin by asking if you think the person giving the critique genuinely wants to help you improve your writing – if not, […]

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We interrupt this scheduled broadcast … … to brag Tomorrow I will return to talk about how writers should receive criticism (and what to do with it when they’ve got it) but for today, please allow me to enjoy a moment. Last night I picked up my newly arrived copy of Tell Tales 3 and […]

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If you want to be a writer … be a good reviewer Yesterday I was talking about receiving criticism and why it’s important that writers understand the difference between support and unconditional love. The former helps us improve our work, the latter helps us bear the former; writers, readers and (if we’re lucky) editors give […]

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If you want to be a writer … Learn to be a good critiquer Part one – taking it on the chin The feedback you get on your work will help you polish it and maybe even point you in the direction of the right publisher or publication. The feedback you give will determine, to […]

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Bunny Goodjohn tagged me with this meme, which is as good a way to start a Monday as any other – you can see her answers to these questions at Bunny’s blog and here are mine: One book that changed your life. The Once and Future King by T H White; it gave me a […]

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If you want to be a writer … Don’t buy a hammock! I say this in all sincerity. Very little stops me writing. Even migraine only slows me down. In fact, if you suffer from migraine, it’s a good idea to see if you can undertake technical editing when you’re feeling bad. Technical editing is […]

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One for the Brits … Chroma: Queer Literary Journal and rukus! Federation Ltd are looking for a dynamic and fearless Intern Press and PR Officer to promote Fire This Time:Queering Black History Month. The event, to be held in October 2006, is the first time Black and Asian LGBT artists and writers are joining together […]