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It’s a long time since I’ve been here!

Life has been …. complicated. Not everything in the garden has been lovely Houses have been sold and bought, gardens (not this one, this one’s Wisley) redesigned, books written, husbands (okay, husband) diagnosed with cancer, operated on, returned home to convalesce … well that’s me up to date, how about you?

So with a supposedly recuperating husband (mainly he’s grumpy or fishing) and in the hiatus while we wait to hear if he will need chemo or not, I thought I needed a new challenge.

Yes, I’m crazy. This blog is not called Writing Neuroses for nothing!

The challenge is to write 100 book reviews. I was going to write 100 reviews in 100 days but that would have been seriously crazy and I’m only crazy. Then I was going to write 100 reviews in 100 weeks, but I think I can do better than that, time-wise. So I’m just going to write 100 book reviews.

First up, starting tomorrow, After Before by Jemma Wayne published by Legend Press!

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