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Sorry I haven’t been around much. Life you know, and all that …

Actually you don’t know. So, OH has had operation. All very successful but having a somewhat intense and bored man underfoot 24/7 is not conducive to deathless prose – or any other kind that wouldn’t normally be ****ed by a pre-watershed censor.

Lovely little van was totalled by driver who fell asleep at the wheel of his BMW. My van written off, BMW towed off, driver (sober and unrepentant) went off to work a night shift and self ****ed off and in process of trying to buy a new vehicle will very little money, or – to be frank – interest in the proceedings. It’s my view that writers generally (excluding the Papa Hemingway school and rogue journalists like Jeremy Clarkson) are not mechanically inclined. This one certainly isn’t.

In the meantime, “Minding …” has been nominated for an award. Yes really. It’s a votable award so you can play along if you wish: click here and register your preferences for all kinds of things from TV presenters to tools – all with a horticultural leaning, obviously and entirely without puns.

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