The writer exultant

But not sure if it’s bad form to talk about things. One is British after all! And the British do not discuss religion, salaries or other embarassing subjects. And this could come under ‘salary’ or under ‘boasting’ or possibly both.

Still, what the hell, I only get to say this once. The first print run of Minding My Peas and Cucumbers has sold out, so it’s being reprinted.

I never expected that to happen, let alone happen four months after publication. Discombobulated doesn’t begin to cover it. I wish I could give sweet peas and asparagus to each and every one of you who purchased a copy!


  1. Found art blog
    25th June 2011

    Well hell!!! Congrats you!!!

  2. Jim Murdoch
    25th June 2011

    Well I’m very pleased for you. Okay, and a little jealous. But just a little.

  3. Vanessa Gebbie
    25th June 2011

    No surprises there! Congrats Kay.

  4. David Lowe
    27th June 2011

    Good news. Congratulations. I trust that the sun worshippers in Brighton are reading your book down on the beach instead of tending to their allotments.

  5. Mark Hubbard
    30th June 2011

    Well done Kay. Impressive.

  6. Bunny
    11th July 2011

    Bugger form! If I covered postage and packing, would you send copies to my UK pals as Christmas presents?

  7. Emma
    29th July 2011

    Well done!


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