Rapture syndrome (or flu) and launches, reviews and writerly things

For the past week I have either had precursors of The Rapture or flu, depending on where you are based in the world and how credulous you are. I think the voiceless, joint-aching, temperature-rocketing condition is a virus, but certain American states appear to believe I have the symptoms of the end of the world. Fair enough, it does feel that way.

On Sunday I shall either be reading from ‘Minding My Peas …’ or miming it, depending on the quality of voice obtained by 2pm. You can find me at 16 Hartington Villas, Hove, as part of The Wolf at the Door Open House and the delightful Jane Napp will also be making furniture look gorgeous, The Garden House will be selling lovely saved seed and my talented friend Jill Tattersall, who hosts this open house, will be present to introduce guests to the various artworks on display (Jill’s collages are beautiful – don’t miss them).

On 26th I am going to The Smoke to see my story in the Saatchi offices. Am I excited? You have no idea how much so. Hope to have more voice and less evidence of runny nose by then but I shall go nonetheless (trying to find a snot-green frock just in case …)

And I have read and will be reviewing Nicholas Hogg’s novel ‘The Hummingbird and the Bear’ – it’s rewardingly hybridised, sort of romance meets high finance. Maybe it’s the love-child of Ann Patchett and Iain Banks, or maybe that’s my fever talking but it’s definitely not quite what I was expecting and much the better for it. So look out for that, and me, bearing tissues and tokens of literary endeavour!

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