Janathon Day 18 – the miraculous properties of new kit

As a writer I know the power of the new notebook – sometimes beneficent, sometimes malign. A fresh notebook can spark a new project, or condemn a writer to the blank white shyness of the empty page through writer’s block.

For me it’s always the former with writing – new notebook, and the words just pour out. Not necessarily good words (my first drafts are excremental) but still, lots of them.

So it is with running kit.

Yesterday’s knee twist kept me awake all night with intermittent bouts of pain subsiding into just twinges and then flaring up again. But this morning my shocking pink do-rag (officially named a multi-purpose headgear) arrived in the post and there was no way I wasn’t going to do it justice. I tied it in a pirate, because I can, put on my iPod Nano, and went for it.

End result?

• Distance – 2.78 k
• Time – actually pretty good, considering
• Pain – eminently bearable
• Mood – happy
• Music – AC/DC Back in Black, Caravan Palace La Villette and Hassan Abou Seoud’s classic Shik Shak Shok.

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  1. steveandkatyrun
    18th January 2011

    Garrr that be a pretty headpiece arrr! Haha – I find I’m the same with new running trainers – my mileage and speeds seem to get significantly better. Whatever works!


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