Janathon Day 17 – are we there yet?

Sadly not. Today’s run was a bit of a bugger. Stats at bottom of blog-post.

I decided that today I would run early in the morning with Rebus the dog. Rebus approved of this as he didn’t get taken for a long walk yesterday, and was as raring to go as a ten-year-old Cairn terrier can be.

So we drove down to Benfield and immediately I knew that I should have been wearing spikes. Not that I’ve worn spikes since I was fourteen, but the slippery, cold, tractionless mud that was lurking under equally slippery, slightly rotten and very wet long grass suggested spikes would have been a good option.

But what the hell, I went for it. And all was going extremely well until a pair of wood pigeons came racketing out of a blackthorn bush right under Rebus’s nose (if you know the size of a Cairn you’ll realise that the pigeons were more running with their wings out than flying) and the poor dog, totally disconcerted by this, reared up on his hind legs, barking as if he’d run through broken glass. This happened once at Benfield and it was a bloody experience in every sense of the word, so I immediately tried to stop on the spot, and – of course – my front leg locked out and skidded across the mud and now I have an odd, nagging, imprecise pain on the outside of my right knee.

I am RICE and hoping I can still run tomorrow.

• Distance – 1.82 km
• Time – no idea
• Accidents – one
• Mud – copious
• Mood – belligerent. If anybody has an email for Dastardly and Muttley, I’d like to introduce them to some pigeons …

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  1. steveandkatyrun
    17th January 2011

    Ooo ouch to the bad knee! I’m not sure what r.i.c.e is but my flatmate at uni was told to put ice and then heat on her knee when she had a hockey injury. She’d sit and watch neighbours, then the simpsons, then hollyoaks (giving you an idea of the length of time here) first with peas then a hot water bottle and then peas again strapped to her knee. Really seemed to help! Might be worth a try. Hope you feel better soon 🙂


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