Day 8 – the Mickey Rourke of runs

Why Mickey Rourke? Because it was quick, short and rather dirty.

The details:

• 1.03 k
• Very early in the morning
• Orchestrated by Aphex Twin (Outside Kick Ass Violin Solo to be precise) and The Commitments (Mustang Sally)

So here’s the reason. I have to be in Brighton – coffee with the author of this excellent blog wherein intellectualising music choices is neatly parsed, then a convention all day. I could have run at lunchtime but that would have been (a) poseurish (as in ‘excuse me while I take my exercise in public thus sending all you drinkers and smokers to the naughty corner) and (b) required me to carry my kit into town and then ask somebody else to watch my stuff while I ran and that’s not fair when everybody’s trying to eat and socialise (and maybe hook up or have a fag or whatever, who am I to judge?) and so on. Also, it would have meant being sweaty through the afternoon.

It was actually 2.04 k because I walked it first with the dog, then ran it while he ate his breakfast at home. And I did it at race pace (for me) of nine minute miles.

Now I’m off to have fun!

Mickey by David_Shankbone


  1. steveandkatyrun
    8th January 2011

    Having to do this on a Saturday is a bit of a pain so great effort in fitting your run in! I agree the the lunchtime run would’ve been more hassle than worth… and surely outcast you as one of those “fitty” type. 🙂

  2. Bunny
    8th January 2011

    I haven’t stopped laughting about the Mickey Rourke bit yet. I will be working this into future conversations somehow.


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