Janathon Day 3 – when the going gets tough …

Who am I kidding? It hasn’t even begun to be tough yet. Not physically anyway. Mentally – maybe.

I had a blog post all planned out in my head about running, sexual deviancy and chocolate (and I might still get round to writing that one, as it’s a good bundle of topics to spend pondering on a long run and most runners are interested in running and in chocolate, sexual deviancy perhaps not so much) but I woke up this morning feeling grumpy and with pain in my piriformis and the whole day spiralled downwards from there.

By lunchtime I was downright miserable and I knew I had to run, so it was over to the cheap psychological tricks department for a tried and tested cure for the Bank Holiday blues: upbeat music selections, a new hat and a poseur’s running route. Which explains why I was in Hove Park, listening to The Four Seasons (1963, Oh What a Night) and Shaggy and Rayvon (Summertime), wearing my old (as in purchased several years ago) but nearly new (as in virtually unworm) Pearl Izumi blue beanie because it’s the posiest thing I own, running-wise. I was also wearing a bright yellow jacket in case you were there too.

This time I didn’t bother with the Garmin as I know the distance (1.88 km) so I have no idea of the time in which I ran it, but it was fast. The pictures are from August 2009, as I forgot to take the camera. Today I looked just like that, but wearing more clothes and a much better hat.

• 1.88 k
• Time unknown (but swift)
• Route = Hove Park circular
• Poseurs passed = 0 (a pretty rare experience in Hove Park, I must have timed it right)
• Friendly women runners on the route = 3 (two on the slow side: possibly sticking to New Year’s Resolutions to run/lose weight, one very fast and with excellent gait)
• Westie puppies stroked = 1
• Moods changed = 1 (from bad to good)
• Fit young male runners who smiled at me = 1 (he smiled twice, each time we passed, so it wasn’t an accident)
• Piriformis stretches performed = 5.


  1. Vicky
    3rd January 2011

    Well done! I must remember the music trick next time. Glad it lifted your mood.

  2. travellinghopefully
    3rd January 2011

    That sounds like a lovely friendly run! Very relieved to read that you were wearing more clothes today – that would be taking hardcore Janathon a bit too far…

  3. sallyshurdles
    3rd January 2011

    looking forward to the sexual deviancy and chocolate blog – but loved the comments re other runners – what are periformis stretches?


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