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Something for the weekend …?

Definitely so, for me.

Jill Dawson’s latest novel, The Great Lover, has just been published in hardback and my copy awaits me, on the coffee table in the living room, where I shall spend a lot of the weekend curled up, reading it.

I have always found Jill’s work to be both provocative and sensual, and this new book, dealing with an episode in the life of Rupert Brooke, promises to be that and more. But for me there’s an added excitement. When I first wrote to Jill, something around eighteen months ago, to tell her how much I loved Fred and Edie, she contacted me to say she was writing The Great Lover. By coincidence I too was writing about sexuality around the turn of the century and my novel (as yet unpublished, as yet not even fully edited) ‘The Pornographer’s Mermaid’, sits on my hard drive, reminding me that I was writing in parallel with one of the writers I admire most. Of course hers has been published, and I commend it to you even though I haven’t opened the cover – but if you want to wait until I’ve reviewed it, then watch this space, this time next week!


  1. Nik's Blog
    24th January 2009

    Enjoy! And get that novel edited!


  2. Kay Sexton
    27th January 2009

    Ah well, I’ve been working on the novel before this one, you see!


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