The second Australian publication …

… arrived in the post on Friday. Sadly it wasn’t accompanied by another bar of Green & Black’s chocolate so I must accept without equivocation that magazines in which I feature, even if all the way from the Antipodes, do not necessarily arrive on the same day as a free bar of chocolate from the eponymous company. One swallow does not a summer make and one buckshee chocolate bar in the same postal delivery as an Australian magazine does not a trend make. Sad, but true.

Still, nothing sad about Etchings – I like the concept of this issue, ‘The History of …’ and although the only thing I’ve had a chance to absorb so far is a photo essay about a forgotten Australian ballroom by Yenny Huber and Géraud Boursin, I’m well contented to know my work is alongside theirs, and as I already know the quality of writing of this issue’s interviewee, Antoni Jach, whose experimental novel, Napoleon’s Double is, well, complex (imagine Umberto Eco’s themes, as written by Raymond Carver and it’s nothing like that, but that’s the best I can do for you) but well worth the effort, I am happy, happy, happy.

Chocolate-free, but happy.

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