Okay, so what’s been happening?

• Ren received a kindly review of ‘Lords of Light’, recently published in SF Waxes Philosophical – you can read it here, and signed a contract for a novella ‘Miss’ to be published
• Carmel sold a story to Forum and another to Scarlet
• Kay discovered what her new novel is called (working title only: ‘The Year of the Ladybird Plague’), placed two stories in Australian publications (why are Australian publications so fast, so friendly and so willing to engage with fiction that pushes the boundaries I wonder?) and ordered bento boxes! See picture …

So all three of us have had a pretty good month, and yes, I am aware how strange it is to write about myself as if I were a literary trinity. Kay, who is the only real person and reasonably integrated persona of the three also spent time with her writing buddy and best critiquer Bunny Goodjohn, who is visiting the UK and went to hear Tim Winton and Julie Myerson reading from their new novels as part of the Brighton Festival. Tim Winton was glorious, gorgeous, unpretentious and funny. Julie Myerson was great too, but I’m sorry to say she was completely eclipsed in my vision by his Wintoness.

Months do not come much better for a writer, than this …


  1. Nik's Blog
    27th May 2008

    Blimey! A good month, indeed. Congrats to the three of you.

    (I would have put ‘you’ in itallics if I knew how.)


  2. Anonymous
    29th May 2008

    A very good month indeed Kay.

    What were the two Australian publications?

    Mark Hubbard

  3. Kay Sexton
    30th May 2008

    Thanks Nik!

    Mark, I’m going to be coy and tell you when they come out in print. I’m not superstitious but I think I might just have a very mild neurosis about naming places that accept work before the work is definitely published … it has happened in the past that magazines have folded after I’ve told people I was going to appear in them!


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