So – I have a story live …

Which means published online, as if you didn’t know, as opposed to published in print.

I don’t know what goes through other writers’ heads when they get something published, but I’m about to be honest about what goes through mine …

Is anybody going to read it? Does it look good on the page; are there typos, or horrible illustrations or – even worse – crappy adverts that make me and my story look bad? Is the other work published with it good, better than mine, worse than mine, awful? Do the stories complement or trash each other? Has the editor made minor changes without telling me (or even major ones – it happens) and am I happy with them? Is anybody going to read it?

Well, I’m happy to say that on this occasion I’m filled with good thoughts, not bad ones – I’ve been reading for a long time, so I knew I was comfortable with the editor’s approach, and I love the idea of grouping works around a theme, something like a mini-anthology for the iPod generation, the illustration pleases me, the other stories are good to read and the only changes that were made to my work were good ones and shown to me in advance for comment … so having said all that – are you going to read it?


  1. Nik's Blog
    11th October 2007

    Nice one, K. I’ve added it to my faves and will read when time permits. Looking forward to it.


  2. Maryanne Stahl
    12th October 2007

    I read it, Kay, and loved it! Just loved it.

  3. Knulp
    12th October 2007

    Sometimes I think you don’t so much have a shard of ice as a bucketful in that big heart of yours. Wonderfuk

  4. Kay Sexton
    12th October 2007

    Thanks all, and coming from you Knulp, that’s a compliment I shall treasure – my son’s not called Kai for nothing you know!

  5. Nik's Blog
    12th October 2007

    Loved it Kay! Brilliant.


  6. hannam
    25th October 2007

    Should I point out the typo?

    Josh smiled when her heard this, but the idea of taking “turns” of Josh sounded obscene to me.

    Great story.


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