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In print

This is Libbon, a very stylish British short story magazine which is onto its fourth issue and has printed my story ‘Passing’. Look them up at: – and maybe take out a subscription. Just think of it this way – you’d only have to give up about half a latte or capuccino a week and you’d end up with a year’s worth of literature.

If we don’t keep our small publications alive, fellow writers, they won’t be there when we want to see our work in print!


  1. Anonymous
    28th June 2007

    Not only your story Kay, but the very good Roger Morris and Paul Toth as well. Will grab a copy.

    (Great cover also).

    Mark Hubbard

  2. Kay Sexton
    29th June 2007

    Yeah, actually I always think it’s a difficult one – do you name-check the writers you know, and make the others feel left out, or name-check nobody and leave the reader to find out … tough call!

  3. B.A. Goodjohn
    29th June 2007

    Loved Skyline Flat. Emailed the editor and told him so. I think that’s important. We get so much crap in our mailboxes – it’s nice to get (and therefore ‘send’) some positive mail.

    Thanks, Kay. I think my answer may be to start doing what I used to do – which is read and write more fiction than I have been doing.

  4. Vanessa G
    29th June 2007

    I have looked at this publication’s site several times (not recently, must admit), but ccould never find out who the editor is.

    Can you reveal the secret?


  5. Kay Sexton
    29th June 2007

    I didn’t know it was a secret – the person I dealt with was David Soulsby …


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