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Little brag…

… but a big magazine

The September issue of Skive is out now – and it features my story, Hemingway’s Kitten!

Click for Skive


  1. B.A. Goodjohn
    24th August 2006

    Hurrah for sensitive men. Granulated thunder…wish I’d said that.

  2. Anonymous
    25th August 2006

    Thanks for the introduction to Skive Kay. Your story in this edition was entertaining, and there seems to be much other writing of merit, which I’ve kept to a later date.

    Interesting marketing concept from Skive. Allowing free download of magazine, with the ability to then pay for print version. Do you know the editor/s? I wonder how successful this model is?

    Mark Hubbard

  3. Kay Sexton
    26th August 2006

    Hi Mark, no I don’t know Matt personally, but I’d heard from other writers that he was good to work with and that proved to be the case, he makes fairly swift decisions on stories, sends great pdfs for proofing and sticks to his publication deadlines like glue!

    It is an interesting model, and I wonder if it bridges the POD/traditional print/no print divide – it’s certainly an interesting step.


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