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Okay, for Easter we ate too much chocolate, walked along Brighton sea-front in the almost sunny but very windy weather and generally had a good time. Part of that good time came from sharing Thursday and Friday with B A Goodjohn, familiarly known as Bunny, friend, poet and now … novelist.

Bunny lives in the States, although she was born in the UK. Her book, “Sticklebacks and Snowglobes”, will be published by Permanent Press in the USA, and it’s scheduled to be out in Summer 2007. It’s a beautifully told, funny, sexy and very wise story about love, lust, growing up and privet hedges.

Over the next months I’m going to keep you all in touch with Bunny’s progress as I nag and nudge her into more overt self-promotion than the average British writer is comfortable with: and she’s generously offered to share her journey to publication with us, so watch this space!

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