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Janathon Day 22 – Thongs and other issues Stats:• Distance 1.89 k• Time -immaterial• Weather – parky So once again I ran round Hove Park. OH got to do the bit today that I did yesterday as in I drove there so he could run at race pace down to the park, round the park […]

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Day 21 – the ‘just for the love of it, day’ Stats at the bottom for checkers. Today was always going to be a horrible crunch, even before I added in a random side trip to complicate things. I knew that fitting in a run would be difficult so it worked out like this: Drive […]

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Janathon day 20 – the height of feebleness 1.2 kilometres jogged. What can I say? The day got away from me: I frittered it away in idle pursuits and pleasure-seeking, felting clouds, talking to cats (this is the Siamese who talks back) and buying beads and by the time I remembered I had to run […]

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Janathon Day 19 – the ‘like a virgin’ day Today’s run was a 2 kilometre run/walk around Hove Park with a new runner. In fact, rather oddly, she’s somebody who might be hiring me as a running/yoga coach. Me! Although it’s not as odd as all that. I qualified as a yoga teacher in 1987, […]

Janathon Day 18 – the miraculous properties of new kit As a writer I know the power of the new notebook – sometimes beneficent, sometimes malign. A fresh notebook can spark a new project, or condemn a writer to the blank white shyness of the empty page through writer’s block. For me it’s always the […]

Janathon Day 17 – are we there yet? Sadly not. Today’s run was a bit of a bugger. Stats at bottom of blog-post. I decided that today I would run early in the morning with Rebus the dog. Rebus approved of this as he didn’t get taken for a long walk yesterday, and was as […]

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Day 16 Long Ralk with lunch in prospect Stats at the bottom for janathon checker-person who should get double-karma-blessings for working on a Sunday. Today was a run-walk (a ralk, in our house) with @pinkyandnobrain. Also lunch. When I woke up it wasn’t raining. When I walked the dog it still wasn’t raining! I was […]

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Day 15 – non-running but high impact exercise day So I gave myself a day off running. Not a day off, just off running. And there were three reasons for this: 1. Yesterday’s mmmph was a sign that I’m getting bored. Boredom has killed the runner in me many a time and I don’t want […]

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Day 14 – janathon meh Stats only today. I’m fed up with everything. • Distance – 2.65 k• Time – unknown and uncared about• Mood – grumpy. Grumpy cat by jonnykeelty

Day 13 – the ‘danger of magical thinking during a run’ day Stats at the bottom, such as they are. Magical thinking – many of us are guilty of it. In one of those serendipities that can seem miraculous, I was writing about the process of magical thinking in alcoholics for a client today and […]